A New Technology for Hydrogen Storage!

Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell power technologies. Fuel cells have the potential to provide power in multiple applications because they are energy-efficient, clean and fuel-flexible. Emissions-free hydrogen is the ideal fuel for the 21st century.

C.En uses hollow glass fibers to make a hydrogen stotage system that is free in shape, safe, low weight and features a quick refueling process. Our technology demonstrates the feasibility of using hydrogen for transportation, electronics, and military applications.


more flexibility

Freedom in shape and volume eliminates any limitation to applications! Extraordinary shapes and geometries are possible due to freedom in spatial directions and arrangement. Free space in existent electronics can be used for storage units due to modular assembly of small sized storage units.

less weight

The highest gravimetric storage capacities available! Glass hollow fibers can achieve a pressure resistance of a minimum of 150 MPa for single hollow glass fibers as well as for the entire system.


Bundling of small pressure-resistant glass microstructure vessels to one another creates an extraordinarily strong structure. A new method of safe storage of highly pressurized hydrogen using hollow glass fibers has been developed.

fast refueling

Refilling is realized in seconds by a connection to existing hydrogen infrastructure. Storage units are easily and quickly connected to gas supply or fuel cells for energy generation.


Long term storage is possible; there is no H2 loss if the storage container remains unused for years.

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C.En Ltd. has developed a new and safe way of hydrogen storage. The freedom in shape and volume means our technology is safe and effective for any application! For more information on our storage system please contact us.